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Engine reconditioning process begins with removal of the engine from the vehicle, after the engine has been removed, the next step is striping the engine down. Once the engine has been striped all the reusable parts (crankshaft, engine block, cylinder head etc) are washed in a hot wash chemical bath.

Cylinder head is then stripped down and all the valves are removed, valves are getting de-carbonised and the they are reseated to make sure there are no leaks. Cylinder head is pressure tested, skimmed and at the end it will be reassembled with new steam seals.

Pistons are getting de-carbonised, measured for the tolerance and new piston rings are fitted.

Engine block is inspected by our experienced engineers, cylinders are measured and honed. If needed the block is fitted with new lines or re-bored.

Crankshaft is polished or reground and it will be fitted with new main and big end bearings.

All our reconditioned engines are guaranteed for 12 month unlimited mileage .

Quality guaranteed

We’re proud of our workmanship and the high quality components we use, both of which are covered by comprehensive guarantee so you can rest assured your new engine will keep you going for years to come. We’ll make sure of it.

Precision engineering

Our well appointed, specialist engine factories employ the latest technologies and highly trained technicians and mechanics to ensure your engine will benefit from the very best attention to detail and highest quality components.

Unbeatable prices

Our impressive buying power and efficient manufacturing capabilities enable us to recondition high quality engines at very competitive prices. Get a quote now and we’ll get your vehicle back on the road in no time at all.

Engine reconditioning for all makes and models

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